About Us

Indyvarna is all about making a woman feel confident about herself, through her looks, her outfits and how she carries herself. Indyvarna creates looks for influentially bold women who aspire to be different and stand out with their charming attitude and their outstanding choice of outfits. 

Indyvarna is a team of energetic fashion enthusiasts, who exactly know what a woman wants. Headed by Shilpa Belavadi, a renowned Image Consultant, Indyvarna helps women build an image that they want to project in their professional roles - Authentic, appropriate, aspirational and aesthetic. Shilpa believes that the most important ingredient for a woman’s success is her confidence, and the right dressing can bring out the confidence in any woman, especially when she is her true self and fashionably in her comfort zone. 

The fabrics that Indyvarna so carefully curates for its outfits are natural. The embroidery, patterns and designs are suited for every professional woman who  wants to make a mark for herself in her field. They exuberate confidence. The fabric for each piece is sourced from remote parts of India with an intention of manifesting authentic craftsmanship. 

Indyvarna wants to be a part of every woman’s success by offering a unique range of outfits that fit perfectly into her professional roles and goals.

Every product we procure and make, tells a grand saga of the true capabilities of a woman. And they surely are immense and innumerable!