Levels of Dressing

Levels of Dressing

Dress to impress- Impact and Influence.

Use Clothing as a tool for your success. Do you want to know how?

Then understand the international style scale.

Style Scale revolves around the elements of design such as Pattern, Fabric, Texture, Colors, and shape of the outfit. While searching for the best online shopping sites for clothes, these factors can be considered to make the right choice as per your requirements.

Based on how you want to feel and others perceive you, there are certain levels of dressing. At Indyvarna.com. these are categorized as

  • Ultra Formal
  • Formal
  • Semi- Formal
  • Casual

based on the levels of dressing

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  • Ultra Formal

When there is a formal event at work where you want to project authority, poise, power, and reliability with confidence then go for the Ultra-Formal section. Indyvarna’s Ultra Formal section is carefully curated for certain occasions based on the elements of international style scale for formal dress for women such as the right colors, the right fabric, the right pattern, and the texture. This section of clothing is best worn to maintain the highest professionalism and sophistication, especially in important situations at work, which demand everyone’s complete attention. The best online shopping sites in India for clothes, like Indyvarna, conveniently allow a wide range of choices with specifications that cater to the occasion or situation.

Select your outfit based on your personality and the role you have overtaken for a certain occasion, event or situation. 

Examples vary from board meetings to interviews to stage appearances, conferences and media appearances. A tough decision-making day at work and the list goes on….

Dressing from the Ultra-Formal Collection definitely brings positivity and stabilizes your confidence. Pure cotton sarees online could be your pick of the day for a comfortable aura and a positive mindset.

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  • Formal

Formal is slightly a level below Ultra-Formal. Similar events but for more approachable images & situations definitely go for the Formal section.

You will have more colors, patterns and textures of clothing that could be termed Formal.

To feel and appear professionally mature, dignified, and classy. Stylish bottoms for women along with blazers for women would constitute a completely stunning look for such a vibe.

  • Semi Formal

Bring out the elegant elements of your wardrobe to your regular days at work.

The mood here is approachable, relaxed yet professional, and to feel and appear happy, cool, youthful, and friendly.

The colors and patterns here in this section also communicate the above moods and situations.

Normal days at work, where you need to be spontaneous, quick, feminine, confident, stylish, vibrant, and creative. This type of clothing along with casual clothing provides plenty of options for online shopping women clothes.

  • Casual

Who says office outfits have to be boring? Use your creativity and shop in our casual section. Want to have fun, fun, and fun? Indyvarna’s Casual section has it all. It caters to every other casual situation in your work life and personal life.

Women are born creative, so use this creativity and up your style game.

Life is not always about work and professionalism. Bring out the fun side of you with our casual section and flaunt the best version of you.

Explore the collections at Indyvarna.com, be it Ultra-formal or casual dressing, Be the best version of yourself and check out Indyvarna, on of the most happening online shopping sites for clothes, to get a collection that stands out.

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