Wardrobe detox

This workshop will help you de-clutter and refresh your existing wardrobe to make the most out of it.

Do you find these lines relatable?

  • “I spend a lot of time looking at my wardrobe, thinking about what to wear”
  • “I feel nothing fits me or nothing looks good on me”
  • “I feel I don't have the right clothes for any occasion”
  • “I often end up shopping for what I already have in my closet”
  • “I end up shopping for inappropriate clothes that I don’t really need”

This workshop can help you with

  • Understanding your personal style and mapping it with your wardrobe
  • Figuring out the best ways to organize your wardrobe
  • Mix n match: Outfits that can increase and elevate your dressing options and can save your time and money
  • Understanding how to avoid impulsive shopping
  • Shopping from your own closet: Recreate- Reuse- Recycle your existing wardrobe.
  • Saving time getting ready every day

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