From Wardrobe to Work, Create Refined Impressions

They say your first impression is your last, so why not create a truly remarkable one that’s all about YOU? Be the lady boss you are and bring an impression to the table that is as unique as your DNA through your style and image.

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"As a single working woman who has just begun the best days of her life I often find myself thinking, “how can I be better?”. I love to dress well, it's a channel of communication for me and an outlet to show that I am in control."


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Ladies, we know the refined taste you have, we give it that extra nudge and a super stylish nudge that you need to transform completely into the best version of yourself. We are your personal stylists and we won’t quit till we get it right!

IMPRESS with Confidence

Make lasting impressions with your confidence wherever you go. Learn how to present the most elevated version of yourself with assurance and a fabulous style.

INSPIRE with your customized style

Get customized offers that are tailor-made just for you to help you inspire everyone with your style and unique vibe.

Create an IMPACT

Create an impactful look and feel for yourself that makes you stand out of the crowd in the edgiest and most desirable manner.

Discover Your Vogue

Define your image the right way with the elements that say “Bang on” for your unique persona.

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What is Image Management

Dress to Impress

Sunday, 12th Feb 2023


First Impressions

First Impressions

How To be Confident

How To be Confident

I'm Shilpa Belavadi

I'm a Certified Image Consultant, SQA Certified Soft skills trainer and Personal Branding coach.

​I help people to become the best version of themselves, enabling them to realize their true potential through Image Transformation.

Having worked as a corporate professional in MNC’s, ventured a recruitment firm and with over 15 years of experience in the people industry, I have recognized the importance of Image Management in one’s success.

​The consultations, workshops and corporate training sessions that I conduct have helped transform thousands of people, both personally as well as professionally. These programs have enabled corporates to convey its desired Image & values through their executives and leaders.

Through my consulting, tailored to their specific needs, Business owners and entrepreneurs have been able to better achieve their goals and outgrow their competition.

I have received many awards and recognition in my professional career for my contributions and have been invited as a Key Note Speaker at various institutions and forums.

​I'm also a recipient of the National Women Excellence Award – India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be a doubtful doll. Be a demanding diva. Send us your doubts, questions and queries related to image consultancy.

I Have A Doubt

An image consultant is a person who will bring out the best in you. It’s not only about appearance, he/she helps you develop and nurture your overall personality that is in sync with your personal/professional roles and goals. Appearance is just a part of Image Consulting. When it comes to appearance, our discussion is around creating long-lasting impressions through the impeccable dressing. Followed by this we move to behavioural things, etiquette, body language, and communicational aspects online and offline. Overall we help you to become the best version of yourself.

No, definitely not. Wardrobe detox sessions will solve many problems:
1) “I don’t have anything to wear”.
2) “I can’t decide what to wear for this occasion”.
3) “I feel nothing fits me; nothing looks good on me”.
4) “I often shop for repetitive and inappropriate clothes. What should I do?”.
We take you through a journey of your own wardrobe and help you evaluate your available options first. The discarding of clothes is only optional. We also help you realise how many unused, or orphan clothes you have.

With our month-long sessions and consultation, we make sure that you will always be prepared to face anyone at any given point of time in your life. We prepare you with refined soft skills that will instil confidence and help you deal with situations with a much better approach, personal or professional.

We analyse and categorize your work life and based on the situation we give you a complete lookbook. We also teach how to take an outfit from formal to semi-formal to casual just by adding/deleting a few things here and there.